Web site design includes: 

· 1 hour consulting, Structural Planning
· Graphics (30) and Logo (If Supplied)
· Layout and Design
· HTML, JAVA, and CSS coding
· Uploading and Setup
· Testing
· Audio, Video (optional)
· Flash (optional) 

Customer cost:

· Domain name registration (
· Hosting service (a place to Park your site)
· Training for user
· Maintenance, changes
· Redesigns (ask for a quote)
· Optimizing for and posting to the top search engines. (first 3 months)

Custom Web Design costs are assessed per individual project; photos and your text is all it takes to create a internet marketing tool that once up and running is 75% cheaper than any form of advertising. It will also reach worldwide markets you never had before.

Don’t be fooled by some designers  “Guarantee top ten placement on all the search engines” This just is not true. It takes the correct amount of keywords, not too many and not to little. The fact is, no one knows the algorithm the top search engines are using. It takes time and much effort to market your site on the web today. To be successful on the web your site must also be pushed in conventional advertising and promotion.


  • Custom web site design– Starts at- $750.00 min. for a 7-page site, 30 graphics, tweaked and published to an ISP of your choice.
  • Consultation fees– $50.00 per hour.
  • Site Monitored- (stats free) if hosted with Hostway
  • Advertising- Keywords added then submitted to search engines- $50.00 month. (After 3 months) 10% off 6 month plan, 20% off year plan. (Optional)
  • Site Optimization- First submission to search engines- $120.00
  • Site maintenance- Training- $50.00 per hour.